Talaria GolfLab

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified

The standard in the Golf fitness industry among PGA golf pros, physical therapists and medical professionals, and golf fitness pros.    

Unlock the keys to the golf body and swing connection!    

The Golf Body-Swing Connection!

At Talaria Physical Therapy, our TPI-Certified professional will use the TPI screen and movement analysis to identify physical limitations within an individual’s golf swing. 

With manual therapy and corrective therapeutic exercises we’ll address any limitations in flexibility, strength, balance, power, and upper/lower body separation coordination. 

We’ll then help you integrate these physical gains into your golf swing mechanics in order to maximize performance and prevent injury!     

Assess Improve Perform

Talaria Physical Therapy is proud to offer a unique GolfLab experience for golfers looking to prevent injury, improve golf performance, and improve their overall fitness!  

Single Session Golf Fitness Screen/Instruction - $200 

1 hour session including: TPI screening, Fitness report, Individualized web-based home program, Exercise and golf fitness instruction 

Preferred 5-session  Golf Fitness Package - $600 

All components of single session: TPI Screening, individualized home program and instruction, 4 additional 1-hour sessions including: ManualTherapy, Corrective Exercise, Fitness/conditioning

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