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"Demetri delivers outstanding results.  His practice, Talaria PT, is well set up for patients looking for truly personalized treatment with 100% of his attention. With his help, I had a speedy and successful recovery from torn calf muscle (returning to playing sports in about 6 weeks).  While getting Demetri's top-notch treatment and instruction focusing on my rehab, I also often received very helpful advice on injury prevention for the entire body.  With a unique combination of academic research/teaching experience, in-depth practical knowledge, keen attention to details, scheduling flexibility and friendly attitude, Demetri is my trusted, go-to physical therapist (if ever needed)." - James J. 

 "From day one Demetri really took the time to understand me and solve my pain!" -Amy C. 

"If it wasn't for Demetri, I would have never been able to finish the NYC Marathon, no less PR this year! Thanks! " - Jeff R.  

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